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Also known as the junkyard

Community Garden

It's for you too!

The garden was originally made for our inhouse café to get fresh herbs and fruits but that bad boy is producing like crazy and we decided to make it a community garden where members can cut and bring home greens for dinner.

In the garden you'll find

  • European basil -
  • Thai basil -
  • Oregano -
  • Chives -
  • Thyme -
  • Sage -
  • Mint -
  • Rosemary -
  • Various chillies -
  • Papaya -
  • Passion fruit -
  • Dragon fruit -
  • Mexican lime -
  • And more ...
Hügge herb garden in Paphos
Simply grab the scissor and get some of those delicious herbs and chllies.

Getting in touch with us

Best way to holla at Hügge is on email. You can try calling or WhatsApp as well but email success rate is much higher!