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First time at Hügge?

Let's get you started. It's simple.

Hügge buildings in Paphos Old Town

Reception hours

MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.00 - 13.00

If you come by in reception hours you'll always find a manager here to give you a tour of the space and get you a nice seat of your preference.

And if you wanna come by outside reception hours simply let us know and we'll hook you up with the code for the doors. WiFi info you'll find just inside the entrance of both buildings.

Once you are set up Hügge is open 24/7  for you.

The two Hügge buildings

Smack in the center of Old Town
Here you'll find different 'zones' to accommodate your requirements for a good place to work.
Hügge Old Building

Old building

Also known as Hügge Dark

Basement - small gym and Hügge workshop

Ground floor - 36 open seats, Freak café, Hügge stadium and 2 phone booths.

1st floor - 24 open seats and kitchen.

2nd floor - 18 open seats, 1 phone booth and quiet room with 10 seats.

Rooftop terrace - where the yoga, Friday Bar and other good stuff happens. Plus there is WiFi for outside working.

Hügge New Building

New building

Also known as Hügge Light

Basement - coming up!

Ground floor - 55 open seats, standing desks, backyard hangout, 2 phone booths and 10 private offices.

1st floor - standing desk, 1 phone booth and 7 private offices.

2nd floor - coming up!

You can grab a seat anywhere you want except if it is a fixed seat with nametag.

Everything is included

Except for rooftop beers. Those are 1.5 EUR for members
Hügge free printing icon
Free printing
Hügge free drinks icon
Instant coffee, tea and water
Hügge free activities icon
Hügge free phone booths icon
Phone booths
Hügge beers icon
Rooftop lounge and grills
Hügge stadium icon
Gaming or movies in stadium

Membership payment

Bank transfer, card or cash - you decide
Bank transfer

Send your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - e.g. full name if personal invoice or for company name, ID and address and we'll hook you up.

Card payment

We use Viva Wallet and you can pay hereJust add your name and membership type in description.


Also cool if you prefer some old school paper payment.

Our memberships

All memberships include unlimited coffee, tea and water plus free printing and free access to all activities like sunset yoga, workshops and other events.

Membership prices are including VAT.



Welcome, Traveler!

If you just need awesome WiFi for a single day to get some heavy work done or just really need to get out of the house.


Testing the waters

Excellent for digital nomads enjoying Paphos for only a week or two. But still needing to work and network of course.
Monthly hot


You are moving in!

Its like Saturday night candy - you just can't stop yourself once you've had a taste of that awesome co-working life.
Monthly fixed


That's my seat!

For the longtermers who don't like sharing we got the fixed membership with a name tag at your desk. It's all yours.
Monthly community


I love to hang out...

You are mostly in it for the community and the occasional work visit ( max. 2 days per week ) but sadly you can't do full time.

Getting in touch with us

Best way to holla at Hügge is on email. You can try calling or WhatsApp as well but email success rate is much higher!