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A space for work & life

We love digital people. Join us in Paphos.

Hügge coworking in Paphos
Hügge rooftop terrace in Paphos
Hügge coworking space in Paphos
Yoga at Hügge coworking space

At Hügge in Paphos you'll find 3 floors with 95 open coworking space seats in the 'old' building plus a quiet room with 10 seats, a meeting room and 8 private offices.

In the 'new' building we have 70 open seats and 17 private offices.

While you need a cool place to work you also need a nice spot to unwind once in a while. That's what the rooftop lounge is for... enjoy the sea view while reading a book or hangin' with friends - and of course there is WiFi up there as well so feel free to not unwind and work.

Coworking seats
Private offices
WiFi speed at Hügge coworking in Paphos

Main WiFi is 1000 / 500 Mbps and backup connection is 100 / 40 Mbps.

Hügge coworking open 24/7
Open 24/7
As a member you get access to come and go as you please.
Free printing at Hügge coworking in Paphos
Free printing and scanning and of course free use of reception area for meetings.
Coffee, tea and water included in membership
Drinks included
Free instant coffee, organic tea and water.
Rooftop beer at Hügge coworking in Paphos
Draft beer
Probably the most popular addition we made to this space ever.
Free gym at Hügge
In the basement you'll find a prison-style gym but with plenty of gear.
Free phone booths at Hügge
Phone booths

A total of 7 phone booths if you need some privacy for your calls.

Rooftop terrace at Hügge coworking in Paphos
Rooftop terrace
Work, play, talk, relax... up to you - just wear sunscreen!

Meet the team

Behind every great coworking space is a bunch of even greater people making sure you have the best possible experience.

Our memberships

All memberships include unlimited coffee, tea and water plus free printing and free access to all activities like sunset yoga, workshops and other events.

Membership prices are including VAT.



Welcome, Traveler!

If you just need awesome WiFi for a single day to get some heavy work done or just really need to get out of the house.


Testing the waters

Excellent for digital nomads enjoying Paphos for only a week or two. But still needing to work and network of course.
Monthly hot


You are moving in!

Its like Saturday night candy - you just can't stop yourself once you've had a taste of that awesome co-working life.
Monthly fixed


That's my seat!

For the longtermers who don't like sharing we got the fixed membership with a name tag at your desk. It's all yours.
Monthly community


I love to hang out...

You are mostly in it for the community and the occasional work visit ( max. 2 days per week ) but sadly you can't do full time.

We are open 24/7 but for your first visit please contact us in advance or come by in reception hours Mon-Fri 10.00 - 13.00.

Getting in touch with us

Best way to holla at Hügge is on email. You can try calling or WhatsApp as well but email success rate is much higher!