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Behind every successful business is a skilled lawyer. Having in mind this, we have partnered with local law firm to ensure high quality legal consulting. The partner is a skilled and qualified legal consultant with almost ten years of experience in providing legal assistance in every aspect of your business. The law office is based close to the Space and is offering a personal startup-focused introduction meeting for free of charge.

If you are a start-up business planning to come to Cyprus, the answer WHY you need a lawyer is below.

Contract Law
You will need a lawyer in order to prepare the contracts with your clients and/or suppliers and explain the legal consequences of a contract that the other side might want you to sign.

Intellectual Property
If you are a creative-type business, a lawyer can help you protect your intellectual property rights by registering a patent or by registering a trade name or trademark in order to keep it safe from competitors.

Corporate & Company Law
The lawyer can help you decide whether is better for you to be a sole trader or register a partnership or company. The lawyer can explain the meaning and effect of limited liability and analyse the different types of companies, especially private and public.

Employment law
The lawyer can give you practical advice whether you are an employer or employee, on all aspects of employment matters including drafting of employment contracts. Also, the lawyer can give you employment law advice on unfair dismissal, discrimination, redundancy and harassment.

Immigration & Citizenship
The lawyer can advise EU and third country clients who are interested in the following: Acquisition of Cyprus (EU) Citizenship, Naturalisation based on years of residence, Acquisition of citizenship as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen, Civil Partnerships, Immigration Permits, Temporary residence Permits, Long Term Residence Permits, Registration certificates of EU citizens and family members, Permanent Residence of EU citizens and family members, Residence cards for non-EU citizens who are family members of EU citizens, Employment of third-country nationals at a Startup innovative business.

Real Estate and Property
The lawyer can advise you in real estate matters and provide the following services: Drafting and negotiating sale agreements or any other contract related to property, acquisition of property in Cyprus by EU and third-country citizens, property management (checking if the property has any charges, inspecting the property for town planning permit, building permit etc., Estate administration.

Civil and Commercial Litigation
The lawyer can represent you at District Courts and the Supreme Court for all the legal matters.

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