Succesful launch of Hügge consultant agency

  • Michael Jakobsen

Over the last couple of years in Cyprus we have experienced many entrepreneurs receiving below par service and advice from accountants and lawyers during their incorporation or other activities. And cost is often much higher than for those of us knowing the market. That lead us to create Hügge Consult 4 months ago and we are proud to announce that more than 25 companies have already moved their activities to us.

Hügge Consult is briefly explained an agency that acts on your behalf and find the best possible partners for your company within accounting and legal services in Cyprus to ensure the best possible price vs, service. That is step 1 of our mission to help expat and entrepreneurs in Cyprus and step 2 is to increase the level of digitalization for our clients by introducing smarter online tools for the cooperation.

So far everyone we have talked with will get significantly reduced cost on their company setup compared with their current accounting partner or legal partner. And we believe we can optimize conditions even further and rock the boat on this market more than we already have.

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