Hub workshop

This Friday we had the most awesome workshop about Cyprus banking vs. EMI banking, Cyprus tax and social insurance, incorporation of companies in Cyprus and offshore and much more. The presenter was one of the earliest hub members Marvin who has been researching these topics thoroughly for quite some time.

Once in a while you stumble upon someone who really knows their stuff - someone who actually did all the research and put theory into practice. Marvin is one of those 'someones' - he has been digging into these topics ever since moving to Cyprus and as a cool dude he is willing to share his findings.

  • Company formation in Cyprus and offshore.
  • Smart banking - How to use EMI banking vs. traditional banking and save time and money on fees.
  • Tax in Cyprus - corporate and personal.
  • And much more...

The workshop was very enlightning and no doubt many of us will follow the advice given for our own companies and personal setups here in Cyprus. Thanks againg, Marvin... pretty sure we are gonna need a round two of this!

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