That was fast!

It’s been 3 months since opening day at Cyhub and we are already 12 cool hubsters here on average and more arriving in the coming months. Happy days!

Opening the first coworking space in Paphos was a bit of a gamble. No way of knowing whether the local digital minded folks would embrace the idea or whether Paphos could attract digital nomads to come and work here. Especially considering our thorough market analysis basically consisted of the fact that we like Paphos ourselves so why shouldn’t others.

Big thanks to all of you ‘early-bird’ members who make this place happen every day… Marvin, Ilya, Helena, Mike, Jas, Samantha, Morgaine, Anna, Vlad, Alex, Egor, Anton, Irina, Ivan, Christina and of course those of you who comes to hang out once in a while – we really appreciate your support.


Cyhub is more than just cheap office space for us. We want to build a rockstar concept that helps digital entrepreneurs perform better and we want to help local entrepreneurs in Paphos too. How? We are working on that but at the moment by branding the local entrepreneurs – online and soon physically at the hub.

And whenever we get a chance to do a ‘matchup’ between two of our hubsters we take it.

We invite anyone with cool ideas for Cyhub services and activities to give us a shout.

Looking forward to the next 3 months…

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