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Restaurants, to-do's and then some.

The restaurants

We haven't tried all the restaurants in Paphos but enough to recommend a few that stands out in our opinion.

Burger joint

When it comes to the beauty of a well prepared juicy burger there is only one place we can recommend with a wholehearted conscience. And that is Argos Burger in Old Town. Make sure you order it medium rare!

Vegan go-to

There are a few options but the place all of our members keep going back to is the Meraki Market Café. And the favorite dish of them all is the Avocado & Chili jam toast - do try it out.


Meze, Kleftiko, Souvlaki etc. It's all good and some places very good - like Koutouroù - a traditional taverna with simple but very well prepared food.

Modern cuisine

If you are looking for a great meal with a great view there are two places we highly recommend. One is Oniro By The Sea located in the beautiful Sea Caves area by the second shipwreck and the other is Suite 48 just past the Harbour area.

Both are great options for lunch or dinner.

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