Virus in the air - but there is love too!

  • Michael Jakobsen

Like many other small businesses Hügge is badly affected by the lockdown and most likely will be feeling the aftermath of this for quite a long time.

We have had many concerned members and friends of Hügge ask if we will survive this crisis and we are currently making some tough decisions to ensure we do.

In late summer of 2019 we were outgrowing our initial space of 200 m2 and turning down people who wanted to come here - and as fate would have it the sports retail shop on ground floor and first floor was going out of business. We had a strong revenue, growing demand and entrepreneurial guts to go all in and take over the whole building. I don’t think anybody ever imagined a 850 m2 coworking space of 85 hot desk seats, 9 private offices, café, a gym and a great rooftop hangout in Paphos of all places but it was actually happening and the numbers even supported it as a good business case. It was happy days.

Now - a few months after finishing a costly construction and getting bitch-slapped by corona fun days are over ;-) We might get some kind of support from the government but we don’t really expect it. The revenue of 2020 will be a fraction of our projections and we already had to let go of a much loved member of our staff.

Personally I’ve been feeling really sorry for myself and very scared for the survival of Hügge and when people told me ‘just be happy you are healthy’ I would think I’d happily spend two weeks in a respirator in exchange for a thriving Hügge Space. But of course I’m happy for that and I hope everyone gets through these nasty virus times safe and sound.

Will we survive?
Hell yeah - we have to. And with a little help and understanding from the people we usually pay to have and run this place it looks doable - unless this thing keeps going for way longer than predicted or the following recession kicks our asses too.

And now for the ‘love is in the air’… in recent days I have received messages from 3 of our members here at Hügge, who’s businesses are not affected in the same degree as ours, saying they are here and ready to invest in Hügge if needed to keep us afloat. And while I don’t hope we’ll come to that it really warms the heart and inspire hope and strength to pull through - thank you!


/Mic - Co-founder of Hügge

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