Brand switch... again!

Our mid-age identity crisis here hasn't stopped yet! First we were Cyhub, then we were Jungle Space - and now we are the awesome hügge space! If you are wondering why here goes...

The dudes behind hügge, which includes me, initially started Cyhub as side gig to our software agency JungleCoders - later on we decided to brand the two businesses together and that's how Jungle Space happened. 

Some of us really fell in love with beauty of coworking and decided to get out of the software game and focus entirely our coworking concept - and now we have hügge coworking - the first of hopefully many fairly priced coworking spaces all over the world bringing you not only a cool place to work but a strong community of likeminded people through awesome afterwork activities.

We are currently looking into opening our second coworking space about 2,5 hours flight from Cyprus - stay tuned to find out where.

Oh... and we promise to stop changing the name now... at least for one year.

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