The Digital Nomad's guide to Paphos, Cyprus

Welcome to Paphos, Cyprus. There’s always a positive vibe, the local cafes serve Freddo Espresso ready for Instagram, the sun is always high and the tax is low. It’s a city destined to be a digital nomad paradice, and here’s why...

The affordable cost of living in Paphos (around €5 for casual meal), fast and reliable internet, a small distance city with plenty to see and a great weather all year round. Here are some of the go to best places to visit in Paphos, and tips for getting around.


Even though car is the most popular means of transport in Paphos, whether you are visiting short term or long term a combination of Bike and Bus is definitely an efficient combination. A monthly bus pass costs €40 and a monthly rental of a bike at Cyhub is €35. If you choose living in the center of Paphos, also known as Old town, a bike will be your best option. Choosing to go somewhere more rural the bus is what you need.


Getting a SIM Card is a very easy process in Cyprus in general. Everywhere in Cyprus you can find Kiosk shops which are very small mini markets.This is the most convenient place to buy a sim(€2) but also top it up. CYTA and MTN are most widely recognized telecom companies with some of the best coverage.


Quick shopping
If you are looking for a quick and casual grocery shopping, Lidl is the place to go to. Small fast and reasonably priced.

Big Shopping
If you plan to have trolley full shopping either for a big event or stock up for the month, Papantoniou supermarket is your best option. Big store with a huge variety of product and plenty of offers.

Fruit market
If you’re after local fruit and vegetables, you’ll find a great deal in Garden of Eden. Mostly stocked with fresh local produce and very low prices.

Cheap shopping
Even though not an eye candy, the International store offers only imported product from the Balkans, thus the ridiculously low prices!


Quick casual local BBQ
Mihalos Kebab is one of the best kebab houses in old town. With only €5, you will get a great cyprus pitta bread kebab that not only is tasteful but also very filling.

A variety of local food
Just down the road from Cyhub Papantonio bakery also offers a variety of local foods at very low prices.

A legendary burger joint
Just 3 min walk from Cyhub, in the heart of old town, Argos burgers is a must visit for any burgers lover - and Cyhub members get a 10 % discount.

The 'finer' dining
Our two favorite places for gourmet-style dining at a reasonable cost is Suite48 and Oniro by the Sea. 

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