Two dudes and a dudesse!

At Cyhub you'll find Christina, Nikolas and Michael - we're the daily crew trying to make Cyhub the number one spot to be digital in Cyprus. Anytime you have questions just holla one of us.

Christina aka the wife.
A creative soul that needs something to paint or fiddle with all times. Christina is a graphic designer by profession - but if you ask to do a logo today she will probably tell you to fuck off! in more polite words ;-)

Nikolas - aka Nikos
A natural born networker. If you ask Nikos for advice on businesses or people in Paphos there is a 99 % chance he will know.

Michael - aka Mic
The dude looking like a hobo and a bad habit of putting his feet on the table! But pretty savvy in most tech stuff and happy to get nerdy on it.

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